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Fun game, but if you could make the controls a bit more accurate that would be great. I found myself landing on the edge but not being able to jump again and then just falling in the hole.

Well considering you are just starting, lemme give you some pointers to get a better star rating.

1. Add Music
2. Add Sound
3. Add Some Graphics
4. Add Some Special Effects
5. Add A LOT more then what you have.

As a developer myself, to keep a person interested, your going to need A LOT more then just a red block and a black area to walk in. Even with what you call "secrets", secrets are suppose to be extra things within the level to make people want to find them, not so they can move on to the next level.

I love games like this, simple yet very addictive.

Nice game for an alpha. Controls are strong, music is nice, visual effects are good. The voices are not great and the game has a very hard Unity feel to it. Not to say that Unity is a bad program, but just feels like a Unity game.

Good Game.

The-EXP responds:

It's not a Unity game, it was made in Flash :p

Wicked game. Scared me a couple of times.

Could be something good, the major thing I had was the camera movement made me sick.

Interesting idea. You could build this into a bigger game with much more stuff in it. People seem to enjoy these strategy based games lately.

KoberGirl responds:

Thanks! I do plan on learning more and hope to integrate more complex gameplay in future versions. I think I made a solid base of a game and hope to improve my skills!

The graphics are okay, but seriously you could of made it a keyboard button instead of the mouse button, or different key combos to crush them. Just my two cents though.

I found some problems. If you walk to the end of the level you get lost. Potential to be a good game though. Keep working on it.

larrynachos responds:

Was reported earlier and put in the description.

You could possibly have a starting to a good game, but you need a lot of work. Number one thing is smoother controls. Better Physics

Small Indie Developer, On the side of working a 51 hour work week, plus taking care of my 2 young kids, I find time to learning and developing small games.

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